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In this section, I would like to show you some website which can be used for learning and teaching English. 
That website can be used as resources for teaching English by the teacher or studying English by the student.
Okay are you ready? Let's check this out

Below are samples of websites that can be used by teachers and students for learning:
      ESL Video
A website for EFL/ESL learners that utilizes free video for teaching the target language. You can find various activities and excesses there.
      Teaching English
Teachers can find various lesson plans that can be adapted or adopted in their local classroom teaching.
Another video-based EFL teaching sites for both teachers and students.
SpeechPeek allows ESL/EFL teachers to create interactive speaking and listening exercises for students to complete and submit remotely. Using laptop microphones, students produce their own spoken recording of their given exercises and submitted online. Their results are saved on the site for you to listen to and grade. Teachers can also provide solutions to the exercise in their own voices, and a feature of the site allows you to provide personalized feedback to each student on each exercise.
Containing hundreds of pre-recorded monologues and discussions on an enormous variety of topics, geared to English speakers at six distinct levels of skill from beginner to advance. The speakers are from more than 60 countries, helping students to understand the variety of different English accents,. Exercise and games are also provided there for the learning purposes.

Actually there are lots of resources that can be used by teacher or student in the term of teaching and learning English. You can explore by using Google other search engines. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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