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My third journal

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Hi buddy ….
What’s wrong?
It’s me again. Hehehe. 

Today, I am going share my third journal to you.
In this third journal, I will tell you about video scribe. Have you ever heard that name? Probably you are already knew about it or even not at all.

In my mind, video scribe is very useful application that we can use for making interactive video. We can use this software for video scribing. Therefore, our video will be much better. My experience when I was using this software, I felt very strange because I never use it. But after I try finally I am able to use it.

This software makes me impressed. Did you know? In 2014, one of my neighbors asked me to help her daughter registering to senior high school. In Surabaya it was known as PPDB (Penerimaan Peserta Didik Baru). I never realize that started from elementary school till senior high school all of them are using online registration. Therefore, at that time I was trying to collect all information related to PPDB Surabaya 2014. Finally, I found this video on Youtube.

Did you know? When the first time I watched this video, I was impressed. As a result, I wrote on my facebook status “Surabaya Keren”

At that time, I thought how to do that. How to make such kind of that video!. Finally, after I joined CALL class and I knew this software, I could make my own video. You can see my creation on my portfolio menu (Teaching Integrated Skill Using Technology). I think that’s all from me. See you next journal. Babai … J


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