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Accessing the blocked site!!! why not?

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It’s me again.
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In this opportunity, I would like to share “How to get access to the blocked site” Uppss… !!
Nowadays, our life is cannot be separated from internet access. In other side, when you are browsing on the internet some websites are blocked by the government for example like this one.

Now I will show you how to get access to the blocked site.
1. Make sure that you are already connected the internet. Hehehe.
2. Open your internet browser.
3. Make sure that you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
4. In Firefox, we can click tools menu then choose add on. Or we can use (CTRL+SHIFT+A).
5. After the page appeared, click extensions on the left side.
6. After that move the cursor to the search box then type “anonymox” press ENTER.
7. Anonymox will appear. Then, you just need to click install. And wait for a moment.
8. After you have installed anonymox, immediately, there will be such an IP Address on your Firefox (at the right side).
9. Type the blocked link that you are going to visit. Then, Click the X sign beside the IP address. Click active.

10. Finally, click change identity. Taraa… Now you can access the blocked site. 


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