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My first journal

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Hey. . . .
What’s up everybody?
Long time no see you. Now, I am very happy to meet you.

In this beautiful moment, I would like to share about my daily journal.
I just want to inform you that the daily journal here means what I have passed and experienced during CALL class. Okay here we go.
Actually there will be many things that I am going to share here. Therefore, I divided this journal into five sections. Now, it would be the first section.

Firstly, I would like to say that I am happy for joining this class because in my mind Indonesian people still have much trouble with technology. Especially for the teacher who want to integrate technology to the teaching and learning process.

In this section, I have learned about netiquette. When the first time I heard this term, I thought netiquette was the software such as Netcut and p2pover. Surprisingly, that was totally different. Now, I realize that internet or someone who browsing or interacting on the internet has the rules that should be followed. Formerly, when I was at junior high school I like communicating and interacting through internet. At that time, I never know about netiquette. Thus, sometime I wrote everything that I wants even it was rude or impolite.

After joined this course, now I realize that I need to be aware in the term of communicating on the internet. I think that’s all from me. See you next journal. 


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