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Using mind map to teach writing

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Teaching writing skill is very challenging for the teacher especially English teacher. It is known that writing is one of productive skill after speaking. It means that we as the teacher should guide and show to the student the way how to write well.

In Indonesia writing is become the most difficult skill to master. Moreover, writing involves several components which have to be considered when a student is writing. Content, rhetoric, vocabularies, and grammatical structures for instance. Also, writing mechanics such as punctuation and capitalization. Therefore, writing skill is very difficult to be mastered because it depends on student creativity and the way how student thinks before begin to write.

In my opinion, one of the factors why Indonesian student are not able to write because they do not have any idea to be write. Therefore, by using mind map student are very easy to classify their idea from the general one to the specific one.

Here, I will show you the way how to teach writing using mind map.
Firstly, the teacher gives the student the X-Mind software.
Secondly, the teacher asked the student to make a mind map according to their interest.
Thirdly, the teacher gives them vocabularies which are related to their topic.
Finally, the teacher asked the student to create a paragraph from that mind map. 
You can see the example of simple mind map below.
From the example above, we can see that the topic is SPORTS (General) an there are many sub topics there. Badminton, Football, and etc. Therefore, this mind map will useful for the student to classify their idea. SPORTS to FOOTBALL to EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CLUB to REAL MADRID. 
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