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My second journal

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Hello everyone. !!!
How are you doing today?
Even though today is fasting month I hope you never get bored to read this blog. J

In this section, I will continue my daily journal. It would be the second journal for me. If you never read my first journal you can read it here.
In this second journal, I am going to talk about making time line. At that time, I was joining CALL class which had topic “CALL and its development history. It was known that talking about history is cannot be separated from the time. Because history is like a story or we have done in our life. Therefore, the best way to explain the history is using the time line.

At that time, I was explaining the history of call and its development. Fortunately my lecturer show me a web tool named In my opinion, creating time line manually it would be wasting time. But after I made the time line using tiki-toki everything is easy. 

This is the first tool that I know because of joining CALL class. I hope next time, I am able to create such kind of the tool. If you interested and want to try something challenging you can try to use tiki-toki by clicking this following link. I think that’s all from me. See you next journal. 


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