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Teaching integrated skill using Instagram

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Instagram. I am sure that everybody already knows about it. It was known that instagram is social media that can be used for sharing our photo, image, picture and other. Not only photo that can be shared but also video.
In this chance, I will show you the way how to teach integrated skill using Instagram. As far as I know, teachers are able to teach some skill in a single meeting or learning process. In this case, teacher will use Instagram as the technology for teaching integrated skill. How to do that? Let’s go to the steps.

Firstly, the teacher creates an official account in Instagram. Then, ask all the student to follow that account.
Secondly, in a single meeting, tell the student that there will be an online assignment that should be done at home.
Thirdly, the teacher uploads one picture with a little description to the official account. Then, asked to the student to answer the question given.
Finally, the teacher asks the student to make a reflection about what they have learned from that picture and present it in the class.

By using Instagram the teachers are able to teach reading comprehension, speaking, and writing.
It’s enough. See you next post. J


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